Brush your animal friend

Did you know you are doing your animal friend a great service just by brushing on a regular basis?

Brushing massages the skin and aids in circulation.  This action stimulates the release of sebum, which is natural oil that is beneficial to the coat.  Brushing distributes this natural oil on the coat lubricating and protecting the “hair” shaft.  Brushing the fur cleans the “hair” shaft, follicle and skin by removing trapped dirt and oils.  Regular brushing results in fur that is healthier, flexible, protected and has a shine.

Your dog’s skin plays an important role — it acts as a protection against the elements and helps to control body temperature.  Brushing improves the skin, prevents mats and tangles and allows a flow of air to reach the surface of the skin.  Brushing stimulates the lymph system and supports the immune system by helping to move waste and toxins.  Activity, such as playing and walking, also stimulate the lymph system.  The combination of high-quality diet, routine activity, and brushing will foster a shiny healthy coat.

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