Saint Bernard in an Apple Tree

The animal communicator’s message told me that Bo Bear was in his unique version of the happiest place.

My sadness turned to joy when the animal communicator told me that she saw him in an apple tree, which had both the flowers and fully ripened fruit.  The message made no sense to her, but it was spot-on for me.

Given the choice Bo Bear, my 200-pound Saint Bernard, would have chosen an apple over a steak.  Apples were his favorite treat and toy, and he loved smelling flowers.  Our special time together was when we walked my gardens looking for new blooms.  He would sniff for a new scent, and then he would point it out to me when he found one.

Coming to terms with letting Bo Bear go was hard, but after his final painful period an appointment was set.   At home and on the ride to his veterinarian, he was weak and only slightly aware of us, but when he arrived, we did not lift him out of the car as we expected.  He exited the car on his own and walked inside.  He seemed to be filled with energy, and his walk was strong.  For a brief moment in time, he reminded me of the formidable dog he once was.

This was confusing for me.  I questioned my decision and whether I had the timing right, but the decision was made only after several thorough discussions with his veterinarian, and when my heart and mind knew it was his time to cross over.

I have learned that this lightness and transitory rejuvenation sometimes comes to animals at this time.  Over the years with my own animals and through communicating with other’s animals, I have two theories on why this may happen to an animal at this time.  One is that this boost comes to help them with the transition.  The other is that they view their passing differently than we may, and that at that time they do feel lighter and freer.  They have done the job they came to do, they know they did their best, and their person or family is there beside them.

The animal communicator’s message turned my sadness to joy, because I knew Bo Bear was in his unique version of the happiest place.

Dog in the header image is my dog Bo.

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