Heartbroken Princess

She said, “I’m heartbroken.”

A woman invited me to her home to meet with her Boston Terrier, a sweet girl named Princess.  Princess was not herself lately, she seemed worried and down.  Princess eagerly told me how she felt.

She said, “I’m heartbroken.”

Her emotion filled message brought me to my knees. I scoop her up and held her while she explained her situation at home.  She explained that family has left and she does not know why they do not come back.

As it turns out there had been a lot of family changes that year.  First, her long time cat companion crossed over.  Then her people divorced.  Lastly four more family members who were temporarily staying with her moved.  This left Princess without that couple, their child and cat. The child was two-years old, and one of the parents was at home with him all day. Princess’ life was full and busy.  She became attached to the child, and she and the cat had become best friends.

As a result of her reading the woman decided to make some changes to help Princess feel better.  One change was her decision to share custody of Princess with her former husband who was happy to participate in the plan as he missed Princess.  Her former husband works from home.  Now Princess would again have his company all day while the woman was away at work.  Additionally, the woman found ways to spend more quality time with Princess on the weekend.

Client has given permission to share her story.  I do not share stories without explicit permission.

Impromptu meeting with spirit

She wore a bright orange shirt to the gallery style* medium event.  I thought I was done for the evening.  I had already been on stage, and the other medium was now wrapping up the show.

The spirit stood beside me.  He was very specific; his message was for that woman who wore bright orange.    He was her husband, and he had passed away several years ago.  He strongly urged me to deliver a message to her, but I could not disrupt the show by walking across the room to her.  My guess was that his sense of urgency came from feeling the energy in the room shift as the show was ending.

He had an important message for her.  He relentlessly repeated a sound, which I came to understand was a name.  While I waited to deliver his message to her, I concentrated on the sound he said.  The sound I heard him say was “thum” combined with “berrr” or “errrr”.

He continued to repeat that sound.   It seemed to be a two-syllable name, thum-berrr.  I could not figure out what name he was saying.   I was to deliver the message that thum-berrr was with him.

The show ended.   I approached the woman and politely asked if she was hoping for a message that night.   She was.  I described the man to her. She confirmed that he was her late husband.  Then I delivered his message.  I said, “He told me that thum-berrr  is with him.”  She responded, “Thumper?”  Relief rushed through me, Thumper was very likely the name her husband was saying to me.

The woman’s cat, Thumper, crossed over less than a week ago.  Her husband was letting her know that her cat was with him on the other side.  This was a great comfort to her, and she left pleased knowing that they were together.

Although it all worked out in the end, I should have managed that session better.  My animal communication and mediumship training prepared me for this, but I was not actually “working” at the time that he approached me.  I was caught off guard.  Instead of running a session in my usual manner, I let his urgency lead that session.  It would have been better if I had asked him for more or different evidence around the name he was giving me instead of focusing on the actual name.  Then he may have showed me her cat.  The name was not easy to understand or share with the woman, but asking her about a cat may have been a more effective way to present her message.  That impromptu meeting with spirit went a long way in reinforcing my training, and the next unexpected visitor acted as a reminder for me to always follow my well-established protocols.

* Gallery style is a group event where a medium connects with and delivers message from the loved ones of folks in the audience.  Although I focus on animal communications this particular event was delivering messages from human loved ones, so no surprise that an animal slipped in a message too.

Agnes Rose’s One Song ebook

Folks have been asking for an ebook version of Agnes Rose’s One Song.  I’m happy to let you now that it is now available as an ebook for $2.50.  This book is appropriate for children ages 3-10.

Agnes Rose’s discovery
“There is something about everything in the whole
world that is part of me and there is something about me that is part of the whole world.”

Agnes Rose’s One Song is a celebration of our world and a way to honor diversity.agnes-roses-one-song-cover
Agnes Rose’s One Song is an imaginative solo adventure which connects flowers and plants, backyard elements, and even the surrounding neighborhood. The curious journal-keeping Agnes Rose leaves nobody out of participating in her One Song, and the sound is always grand! This story has a mystical quality and is beautifully illustrated with paintings of the adorable and introspective singing rose character and her backyard environment.

Here is a sampling of the illustrations.

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A French version of The Secret of the Greater Mountain will be available soon.