Agnes Rose’s One Song ebook

Folks have been asking for an ebook version of Agnes Rose’s One Song.  I’m happy to let you now that it is now available as an ebook for $2.50.  This book is appropriate for children ages 3-10.

Agnes Rose’s discovery
“There is something about everything in the whole
world that is part of me and there is something about me that is part of the whole world.”

Agnes Rose’s One Song is a celebration of our world and a way to honor diversity.agnes-roses-one-song-cover
Agnes Rose’s One Song is an imaginative solo adventure which connects flowers and plants, backyard elements, and even the surrounding neighborhood. The curious journal-keeping Agnes Rose leaves nobody out of participating in her One Song, and the sound is always grand! This story has a mystical quality and is beautifully illustrated with paintings of the adorable and introspective singing rose character and her backyard environment.

Here is a sampling of the illustrations.

Buy it now

A French version of The Secret of the Greater Mountain will be available soon. 

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