Sock Monster

Is it possible that he sent her new dog to her?

The dog we connected with had crossed over.  She decided to connect with him because she was preparing to adopt a new pup.  Towards the end of her reading, her dog showed me numerous images of him playing with socks.  I saw him pulling socks from the laundry basket, tossing socks around, and an especially funny image of him with a white sock on his head and other socks on his back.

She said her dog never played with socks, and the message did not make sense. Although her dog’s message came in strong and clear we decided to set that message aside and move on because it was not relatable.

About a month after her reading, she sent me an email.  She had adopted a new pup, and he was the same breed as her dog we connected with in the reading.

Have you already guessed what this pup loves to do?

He is the sock monster!  She said he not only plays with socks, but he even tries to pull socks off her feet.  The message her dog gave her during the reading was about the next pup that would enter her life.  Her dog was not showing her a memory from their time together.  He was showing her future.

Is it possible that he sent her new dog to her, or that he had already met the dog that would be her next companion?   Could something else be at play here?

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