3 thoughts on “Bucket List

    1. Hi!
      Yes, you are right. They have heart desires too. Some desires are a surprise, but often their list consists of activities they want to repeat. During their reading animals talk about activities they have done before, people they would like to see again, and places they want to visit again. Sometimes they surprise their person by wanting to do something the person would never have guessed their pet wants to do.

      Recently a dog described a particular style house, near a lake and two older people coming out to greet him. He wanted to visit his grandparents at their NH cottage (a several hour ride). They live near him, but he wanted to have the experiences of visiting them at the cottage once again. His person took him there, and they all had a great time. He’s an older dog and it was a wonderful way to honor him.

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      1. Fantastic! Only this is a great reason to contact animal communicator. Quality time. It is so precious to hear stories like these.


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