Unexplainable knowing

I knew this place before I saw it with my own eyes. 

Can you know a place that you have never visited?   It is an interesting question, and I am curious to hear your thoughts because it happened to me.  I had known this place before I saw it with my own eyes.  Have you ever had this type of experience?

I have known The Great Saint Bernard Pass; however, I had never visited.  I knew this area of the Alps, which borders Italy and Switzerland.  It snuck its way into my mind and never left.

The Pass spoke to me in both my dreams and in my waking mind.  When the words and images first came, I could not stop writing; they commanded my time.  Once, I hung my wet arm out past the shower curtain to continue writing on the pad I had to carry everywhere with me, which was sitting on the counter while I showered.

For me, The Great Saint Bernard Pass holds innate magic. When I finally visited the Pass, it was emotional to be there and see and touch what I had only known prior through my imagination.  The buildings were just as I saw and wrote about them.

How did I know this beautiful land in my mind’s eye before I had seen its rolling hills, foggy mountains, or quaint buildings?  Could my intuitive knowing be proof of my reincarnation?

My heart holds a special place for the breed of dog that takes its name from The Great Saint Bernard Pass hospice.   Did I know those Saint Bernards of long ago that rescued travelers?

DNA testing shows that I am of Italian and French descent.  Is it plausible that these are my ancestor’s memories passed down to me along with other traits I inherited through my DNA?

Linda at 8000 ft



Linda Saraco –8000 ft. up visiting the pass on a cold, windy day at the onset of winter.


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