More Daisy Bravery

She was brave for them.

She was scared until it was time to be brave!

This morning as I was starting my day and wondering about the tropical storm approaching this area, a really cool memory of my dog Daisy came to me, and I found myself grinning.

Daisy was a peculiar dog. She was scared of many everyday things, but she was always surprising and incredibly brave when she was needed. She was the fiercest when you expected her to cower. Fear and danger seem to draw her out of her comfort zones.

This memory is of a family Fourth of July cookout.  A thunderstorm had started and was trying its best to ruin the cookout, and all the dogs gathered around Daisy because they were scared.  If memory serves me right, there were about 6 dogs; some of the dogs were older, both males and females and some were just puppies.

Daisy instinctively took charge and secured them up against the basement cement wall, and with her back to them she faced out towards the storm.  The other dogs were all shaking and scared, but not Daisy. She stood forward gallantly knowing the other dogs were depending on her to be the strong one and the rock they needed and she was set to be that. She stood there brazen, leaving her everyday fear for some other time.

At home, she would have been shivering in my lap because of a thunderstorm. It was cool to see her doing what she had done for the fact that she shook all the way to the outing that day because she was afraid of the car ride and leaving home. For these scared dogs, however, she stepped up; organized them by the wall, and they all felt safe behind her.

She stirred something in me that day. The way she cast her fear down and put the security and assurance of the other dogs before her own fear taught me a lesson of selflessness and responsibility. I would never forget watching her do this.

How Daisy came to be my pup

I met her early one morning.  I had stopped by the shelter to drop off a donation knowing that if I went during regular business hours, I’d be too tempted to look around at the pups. I know them to be my weakness, and I was not trying to adopt any more puppies as I had already adopted two dogs; Danny and Dominic from the same shelter.

To avoid temptation, I planned on dropping a check in the mail slot right in front of the door. As I did, my eyes fell on a box of puppies, obviously abandoned. Daisy and her other 3 littermates were dirty and covered in poo indicating that they had been in the box for some time.  I saw her and fell in love. I found myself waiting for the shelter to open and adopted her. She became mine the instant I saw her.

By the way – her full name was Daisy Ann Marie Pearl Saraco –  that’s another story.

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