Fall concerns

Fall is great time to be outside with your dog.

Seasonal Concernspets-linda-saraco-nov-26

Fall in New England is a great time to be active outdoors with your dog.

Here are few seasonal safety concerns I keep in mind for fun throughout this season.

The days are shorter, and often it is quite dark by evening walk times.  Consider a reflective coat, collar, leash light, or a brightly colored vest for your dog.  It will make your dog stand out and be easier for others to see.  Bright orange and reflective coats are a good idea too if you and your dog spend time in areas where hunting takes place nearby.  Always check wild areas for postings indicating the type of hunting allowed and what time it is permitted.

Fall can be a drying time of year for your dog’s coat and the colder temperatures at night encourage us to turn on our heating systems and light up our fireplaces.  Brushing your dog frequently during this season will help to distribute the natural oils helping to keep your dog’s coat healthy and in its best condition.

When the weather is cooler wildlife becomes more active as it busily prepares winter.  This means that your dog may be more likely to have an encounter with a wild critter.  You may also find mice, bats, squirrels and others trying to move inside your warm home.  It’s hard to keep small rodents out.  If you, a friend or neighbor, choose to use traps or poisons your dog needs protection because their natural curiosity will cause them to explore new objects and smells.  Your dog can be hurt by mouse snap traps, rodenticides, or by chewing or eating a rodent that injected poison.  The catch and release type traps are the safest all-around option.

Be on the lookout for plants outside that produce fruits or berries in the fall.  A plant that was harmless may be poisonous now.  Also, your dog may have shown no interest in that particular plant until those berries or fruits show up.

In every season there is a holiday or special events such as a wedding, birthday occurring that has potential to upset your dog, requiring a little special preparation on your part to minimize stress levels your dog may experience.

Although this practice has rarely (ok, never) made me a favorite host I implement and, (well, I actually post) pet safety rules for both day and overnight guests.  Informing folks in advance is the only way to ensure my pet safety rules are known.  Pets can be overwhelmed by changes such as larger numbers of people at a party, kids, visiting animals, music, and outbursts. Your guest’s medications may end up in pet accessible areas. It may be helpful to designate a secure pet room that is off-limits to guest traffic. In case your pet escapes, risks are reduced if your pet is wearing ID tags.  It is a good idea to have a current picture and your animal control officer’s number on hand.

Every season can also hold an allergy stimulation.  As with people, dogs have indoor, outdoor, topical and internal allergic reactions.  Your veterinarian is your best resource for uncovering causes and determining treatment.

A regular InTune Groom session with your dog can help to clear stagnant energies and ITG Book Coverimprove circulation throughout the seasons.  Check out https://lindasaraco.com/intune-groom/ to learn more.

Do you know about IET?

Working with the angels

In the modern era of today, a person’s health and well being are undeniably the biggestLinda Saraco Headshot blessings imaginable. Striking a balance between mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing can rarely be found. In case you are searching for methods through which vibrant health and balance can be achieved, I’ve got some great news for you. Integrated energy therapy® (IET) has paved its way into the world as a method of achieving just that and more. IET is referred to as the method that ‘gets the issues out of your tissues.’

IET brings with it an abundance of benefits. These benefits are known to provide a more empowered and balanced outlook on life.

  • increased sense of well being
  • greater purpose in life
  • discovering your true inner self
  • relief from any form of childhood trauma
  • improvement in various types of energy stagnation
  • Aids in deterring stress and anxiety
  • lifts limitations that restrict one’s joy

Sessions of IET

During this one hour, we briefly discuss the objectives you wish to achieve through IET. While being fully clothed, you will lie on a massage table.  Gentle hand motions are used to bring webpage - woman during a sessionabout movements to specific areas to encourage the release of stagnation in energy centers.

In addition to a regular session here are my three favorite advanced IET techniques.

  1. Soul Star Clearing- this technique is based upon one’s desire to fulfill their soul mission. Any fears relating to that mission and your heart’s desire are cleared out. A greater insight is also brought out by creating a drive to fulfill that mission.
  2. Releasing limiting beliefs- in this method, any form of limitation placed on an individual are taught to be only temporary. You are what you perceive to be and only you can do what you desire to create joy in life.
  3. Creating Heart beams- through an IET technique, angelic blessings are created and placed in specific locations in your home, workplace, anywhere in the world. Any individual that passes through this angelic gateway will receive its numerous blessings.

top of webpage handsI’m excited to share this aspect of my work with you.  Along with sessions I will be teaching IET courses.  My 2018 IET courses (Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, For Animals) will be posted soon listing public classes.  You’re invited to contact me about offering IET courses at your location.

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(978) 799-7408

Well-timed thoughtfulness

All you need is a little bit of positivity to keep you going.

The human mind and heart work in conjunction. Many ideas stem from what your heart desires than what your mind thinks is right. Although unconventional and shaky, that idea is the one you care about the most; the one you love with all your heart.

There is something special about that one idea that is close to your heart: your love for it is relentless because no matter how hard you try to give it up, your heart keeps finding its way back to it. My idea is one that I believe will define my life’s purpose. I believe that my idea will help many others.

To me, this idea is my child because I have nurtured this concept since the day I conceived it and to hear people say anything negative about something I loved so much broke me. I wanted this concept to turn into a reality with all my heart but I was always hesitant to go public with it.   This idea is the only thing my heart ever craved so unwaveringly for; my life’s mission. Sometimes I wished I could let go of it but all my efforts were in vain. Deep down, I knew that for this concept to survive, I needed people to like it; to accept it wholeheartedly. I want them to invest in it and help it grow.

On this journey, I have encountered many people who have could have helped me but they chose not to. These people actually can help my idea grow to fruition. And this didn’t just happen once. I was this close to meeting the person who could make it all possible, not once, not twice, but four times. Every time, I was held back. Despite my disappointment, I still could not let go of this idea.

blog article heart's desire header words cutYou understand the true meaning behind this William Chapman’s saying only after you decide to put yourself out and feel someone criticize or devalue your work. These words are the ones that discourage you from taking the step to share your dream again.  Heart’s desire ideas come to us only to help us to become the best version of our selves, but that is not how I was feeling recently.  I was sad and feeling that I was again ready to give up on my dream.  I was feeling defeated.

Yesterday, a miracle came knocking at my door. The universe works its own magic at its own pace and within a moment’s notice, my idea was breathed back to life. An unexpected gift arrived in the mail for me from a colleague, a book named “What Do You Do with an Idea” by Kobi Yamada. In my time of darkness, this heartwarming gesture came to my rescue like a ray of hope; a silver lining after the storm.

If there is one thing I learned from this experience, it was that kindness creates confidence. All you need is a little bit of positivity to keep you going.