Do you know about IET?

Working with the angels

In the modern era of today, a person’s health and well being are undeniably the biggestLinda Saraco Headshot blessings imaginable. Striking a balance between mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing can rarely be found. In case you are searching for methods through which vibrant health and balance can be achieved, I’ve got some great news for you. Integrated energy therapy® (IET) has paved its way into the world as a method of achieving just that and more. IET is referred to as the method that ‘gets the issues out of your tissues.’

IET brings with it an abundance of benefits. These benefits are known to provide a more empowered and balanced outlook on life.

  • increased sense of well being
  • greater purpose in life
  • discovering your true inner self
  • relief from any form of childhood trauma
  • improvement in various types of energy stagnation
  • Aids in deterring stress and anxiety
  • lifts limitations that restrict one’s joy

Sessions of IET

During this one hour, we briefly discuss the objectives you wish to achieve through IET. While being fully clothed, you will lie on a massage table.  Gentle hand motions are used to bring webpage - woman during a sessionabout movements to specific areas to encourage the release of stagnation in energy centers.

In addition to a regular session here are my three favorite advanced IET techniques.

  1. Soul Star Clearing- this technique is based upon one’s desire to fulfill their soul mission. Any fears relating to that mission and your heart’s desire are cleared out. A greater insight is also brought out by creating a drive to fulfill that mission.
  2. Releasing limiting beliefs- in this method, any form of limitation placed on an individual are taught to be only temporary. You are what you perceive to be and only you can do what you desire to create joy in life.
  3. Creating Heart beams- through an IET technique, angelic blessings are created and placed in specific locations in your home, workplace, anywhere in the world. Any individual that passes through this angelic gateway will receive its numerous blessings.

top of webpage handsI’m excited to share this aspect of my work with you.  Along with sessions I will be teaching IET courses.  My 2018 IET courses (Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, For Animals) will be posted soon listing public classes.  You’re invited to contact me about offering IET courses at your location.

IET Logo

(978) 799-7408

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