The human-animal bond is the one thing that breaks my heart wide open every time.
I love that!


 Living authentically – Finding my heart’s desire -Doing what I’m meant to do   

For years these were my goals.  I’d feel it to some extent in areas of my life, or even fully for a short while, but I did not know how to hold onto it and know it. I cannot take credit for figuring it out, and I can only assume that I was so ridiculously slow at figuring it out that the universe decided to step in and drop me on my head because in 1999 I sustained a head injury while skiing that resulted in a serious seizure disorder that took several years to resolve.  The seizures took over my life; I had grand mal seizures every day.  I wasn’t expected to live if I stayed on my own, but an assisted living facility meant giving up my four dogs, Danny, Dominic, Daisy, and Bo. For me, that was not an option.  Prior to the injury I had studied healing energy methods such as flower essences, chakras, canine acupressure,  and I had become a Reiki Teacher.

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Fortunately, Dominic, a pup I adopted from a shelter two years early turned out to be a natural-born seizure assistance dog.     With Dom’s help, I fully recovered.

Once I got better – I told Dom’s story everywhere because that was the only way I could think of to thank him.  His story is published in the Chicken Soup series (Dog Lover’s Soul and Leap of Faith), it was featured in Animals Wellness magazine, and nominated by the Dog Writers Association of America as a story exemplifying the human-animal bond.  A link to Dom’s story is at the bottom of this page.

This new phase of life that followed, which seemed to be purely misfortune, turned out to be an opportunity and a precious gift.   The opportunity was to spend a whole year exclusively with my four extraordinary dogs.  The precious gift was the realization of my life’s work and the person I was meant to be.  I now know my purpose, passion, and calling is to work with animals that are here to help their people.  An effective way for me to help is through animal communication.

With this new view, I wrote the story, The Secret of the Greater Mountain, a story about why your animal friend is in your life, where they came from and why they must leave.  Though the story, my goal is to introduce the concept of a soul connection between animals and humans and to help both adults and children who are dealing with pet loss.

My study of energy and natural methods continued, I studied small animal massage, dog grooming, and herbs.  I expressed my learning by grooming special needs dogs.  I’d wash them with my homemade herbal shampoo, groom them gently and always save time for a massage.  I loved building these deep connections and working closely with dogs.

My greatest teacher was my Saint Bernard named Bo.  He was the one dog that wrapped his paws around my heart like no other.  I loved Bo then, and I always will.

Although I have had many fine human teachers throughout the years, it was Bo’s series of illnesses and injuries that drove my learning forward, deeper and wider than I could have experienced any other way.  I explored communications with Bo, healing energy and understanding dogs.

All that I learned from Bo is still a part of me.  One way that I express what I learned from him is through InTune Groom (ITG).  This is a method of hands-on work for animals, which I developed and teach.

Bo taught me an important life lesson.  He taught me how to let go even though I wanted to hold on to him forever. He taught me how to listen to him and to know what doing enough felt like and when to stop.   As a tenacious woman by nature, this was a hard lesson to learn. This lesson helps me to this day to better understand the messages I hear during an animal communication session and to understand how a person may feel when it is time to let go of his or her beloved animal companion.  I understand how it feels to have a heart animal.

Of the four magnificent dogs who helped me through the year of seizures, Bo was the first to cross over.  Danny was the next to cross over, then Dom, and then Daisy. Bo’s lesson helped me to say goodbye in a timely way to each of them.

Thanks for visiting!  I look forward to meeting you and your animal friend.

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