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Testimonial for animal communication classes and practice groups

“I signed up for Linda’s Animal Communication Class for the obvious reasons:  I love animals and wanted to know the “secret” to communicate with them.  With Linda’s expertise in this area, I discovered that we all have the ability to communicate with animals; living or deceased!  How wonderful a discovery is that?  To be able to connect once again with that beloved pet from your childhood?  Or to discover how to solve an issue with a pet living with you?  I’ll let you know; it’s fabulous!  It’s eye-opening and exhilarating.  I would not have been opened up to this wonderful world without Linda’s extensive animal communication experience.  Yet, she not only is a great communicator with animals but is also a fantastic teacher.  Not everyone can do both, or do it so seamlessly.  I highly recommend taking Linda’s classes on Animal Communication.  If there were such an honor as a Ph.D. in this subject, Linda would have it!  She IS the modern day Dr. Doolittle. ”  Lilli W., Hampstead, NH


Learn how to talk with animals

About the class

In this interactive course, Linda shares a straightforward method of connecting to animals.  You’ll have fun while learning, developing, and honing your animal communication skills.  You will receive a student guide, a certificate of completion and an invitation to join a free online post-course training.

This class is for beginners as well as students who would like to gain more experience with animal communication.  Workshops are a great way to pick up a new technique and to meet kindred spirits.

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Linda believes that animal communication is not a special gift reserved for only a few people.  We all have the innate ability, but like any skills we have developed, we had to commit to learning it and practicing.  To be able to consistently communicate with animals it takes learning a reliable method, tools, and practice to build up your intuitive “muscle”.  Through this course, your skill, accuracy, and confidence may grow faster.

It’s also helpful to have a community to talk with openly.  A few weeks after this class Linda invites you to a free online gettogether to ask questions and talk about successes and challenges practicing animal communications.  An in-person learning and practice group is also available to students who complete this class.

What’s next?

The animal communication program consists of three certificate levels.  The first level is called Animal Communication, a full day of training with Linda plus an invite to join an online extended training.

The next step is to participate in three 2 hour training/practice classes, which lead to achieving a certificate at the Animal Communication Intermediate level.  These classes are open to all students not just those pursuing an intermediate certificate.  The intermediate certificate candidates have additional required “homework”.

A Master Instructor program is offered to students who are interested in teaching animal communication.  Linda has developed and taught train-the-trainer courses for over 20 years, she combines this expertise with her animal communication style to bring you this comprehensive adult learning program.  On completion, you will receive an Animal Communication Master Instructor certificate.

  1.  Animal Communication – This is a one-day in-person training and an optional free online follow on meeting for questions and to discuss challenges and success you’ve encountered with your readings.
  2. Intermediate Animal Communication – This level includes attending three practice groups, submitting 5 write-ups about readings you have done during the program.  The prerequisite for this training is the completion of the Animal Communication class.
  3. Master Instructor – This is a 2-day in-person teacher training open to all.  This course focus on how to prepare and deliver your animal communication presentation.  The program includes a student guide and a certificate of completion.  Some of the topics covered in this instructor training course are:
    1. Your training style & practice delivering training
    2. Engaging adult learners
    3. Developing training materials
    4. Addressing concerns about public speaking
    5. Advancing your animal communication skills


3/16/19 Animal Communication Workshop 10-4

Register for an Animal Communication workshop with Linda Saraco at Flying Grasshopper Energy Center in Boxboro, MA on March 16th from 10 - 3:00 PM.


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Linda Saraco is an animal communicator.  She has appeared on the TV show Chronicle for her work with dogs, and she has been interviewed by pet magazines.  She holds certificates in animal communication, animal massage from the Bancroft school, flower essences, and dog grooming. Linda is a certified herbalist and a Reiki and Integrated Energy Therapy Master Teacher® (IET).  She teaches classes on all of these topics including two modalities she developed; InTune Groom, a method of coat care and energy work and IARC to soothe an animal’s past.

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