Animal Communication Session

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Whether past or present, I know your pet will always be an important part of your life. If you would like to ask your pet a question or develop a closer bond through communication, I can help you.

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Animals begin by talking about their everyday lives. They share how they feel and their likes and dislikes.  As the session progresses they may go deeper, and at this deeper level, animals talk about why they are in your life and how they are helping you to learn your important life lessons. This agreement to help you is called a Soul Contract.

During your deeper session, we will work towards uncovering and understanding the Soul Contract between you and your animal friend.  Soul Contracts often address challenging life lessons.

  • feeling worthy, safe, deserving, confident
  • believing in yourself
  • accepting love and knowing you are lovable
  • conquering fears that hold you back
  • reaching your true potential and heart’s desire
  • learning to deal with loss, death, letting go and moving on after a life change

Life lessons are the big lessons in life, and learning a life lesson may not be fun or easy. Sometimes your animal’s method of teaching you may appear to be a behavioral problem.   In fact, your animal friend’s behavior might be driving you crazy as he or she strives to initiate a response that will cause you to take the needed actions.

Your animals that have crossed over


Do you know that your animal companion that has crossed over may choose to continue working with you on your important life lessons?

It can be informative and gratifying to hear from your animals that have crossed over. Communication before and after your animal friend’s passing can be comforting, may ease your grieving process, and even replace deep sadness with peaceful feelings. During your session, you may learn that your animal companion is still working with you on your life lessons (Soul Contract) from the other side.

You may also learn that your animal friend that has crossed over has connected you to the next animal in your life!

The artwork

The artwork on the top of this page is a proprietary piece, which I commissioned through artist Debra Calderon.   This artwork represents my personal vision, and it is the logo for my animal communication business.