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Here you will find information on three of my books, The Secret of the Greater Mountain (Gift Book), Agnes Rose’s One Song (Children’s picture book), and InTune Groom (self-study guide).

A gift book for animal lovers younger and older

Do you know a secret adventure happens at the peak of twilight?


The Secret of the Greater Mountain is a story about where animals come from, what job they are here to do, and why they must return to the Greater Mountain. The story introduced the concept of a soul connection between an animal and their person, and it takes you into the secret world where the lifetime adventure of each dog begins. You will discover that your animal friend has traveled a long way just to be with you. You will meet Bo Bear Moon Dance, Chief of Rescue Dogs, who mentors and matches each dog to the right girl, boy, adult or family. You will find out how puppies ride down from the Greater Mountain on the mysterious Earthways in their Traveling Bundles.

“Takes readers on a sweet sentimental journey of healing consolation and inspiration while revealing the purpose of our beloved pets.  Gentle and poignant for young and old.” Lynne Flanagan, Paws That Matter

“The Secret of the Greater Mountain”  is like a precious heartfelt prayer.  The scene is set for rescue dogs; their destinations on arrival and for the gifts, they bring to our lives.  It is open ended enough both young and old may personalize the story.  The colorful and well-done illustrations add to the sweetness of the glimpse into the other side.” Mary Jo Nieson

young-guy-readingBeyond the myth, magic and the enchanting illustrations The Secret of the Greater Mountain speaks to the child in all of us.  It is an ideal gift when a new pet joins your life, and it is comforting to both adults and children who are experiencing the loss of an animal friend.  The magical myth allows a sense of rationale to emerge for an animal friend’s life and their passing.

“I bought this book for a friend who had lost his dog of 15 years.  He wished he knew about this story years ago,  it would have changed the way he viewed his relationships with his dog.”  E. Barnes, MA

The loss of a cherished pet is often a child’s first difficult experience with death, and their grief and bewilderment compound the heartache of the parents. Books have been published that give parents “how-to” advice about explaining their pet’s death, but this story offers a different, imagination-inspiring and uplifting approach.

“Thank you so very much for the books my grandchildren are so very sad as well as me –  your kind heart makes the difference.  Blessings Tricia”

The Secret of the Greater Mountain is fully illustrated by artist Debra Calderon.

Linda’s book comes with its own envelope for mailing, a removable journal page, and a framed page to hold a picture of your animal friend.

“The envelope and activity pages make a nice memory keepsake.”  Anne, MA

cropped-ebook-cover-greater-mountain-6-4-16.jpg The Secret of the Greater Mountain Book $12.99
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Agnes Rose’s One Song, Children’s Book by Linda Saraco

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Agnes Rose’s discovery – “There is something about everything in the whole
the world that is part of me and there is something about me that is part of the whole world.”

Agnes Rose’s One Song is a celebration of our world and a way to honor diversity.
Agnes Rose’s One Song is an imaginative solo adventure which connects flowers and plants, backyard elements, and even the surrounding neighborhoods. The curious journal-keeping Agnes Rose leaves nobody out of participating in her One Song, and the sound is always grand! This story has a mystical quality and is beautifully illustrated with paintings of the adorable and introspective singing rose character and her backyard environment.


What readers are saying about The Secret of the Greater Mountain

“This was so much better than just words or a sympathy card.  It becomes a true keepsake.”  T. Walsh, FL

Linda, your book arrived at my daughters office today, she brought it home with her on her lunch break. What a lovely story! My 3 and 1/2 year old grand son loved it! I will give it to the 6 year old to read on the way home from school.
I will be purchasing at least one other copy.
Thank you again, Gretchen H., NC

“I imagine this is exactly where our beloved pets come from.”  Dawn, CA

Very cool!  You’ve created your own myth!  G. Kav. , MA

This book is a treasure! A. Otto, MA

Awesome artwork!

“We’re  wondering if this is a story or the truth.  After all you are an animal communicator.  Do you know something we don’t?  We lost our family dog of 14 years, and over the last week we all read the book several times.”  Bill S., MA

“I donated my copy to a book sale after reading.  Hope it  will magically find its way to help another family.”  Graftons, VT

InTune Groom Self-paced Guide

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To learn more about InTune Groom visit ITG description page.