Impromptu meeting with spirit

She wore a bright orange shirt to the gallery style* medium event.  I thought I was done for the evening.  I had already been on stage, and the other medium was now wrapping up the show.

The spirit stood beside me.  He was very specific; his message was for that woman who wore bright orange.    He was her husband, and he had passed away several years ago.  He strongly urged me to deliver a message to her, but I could not disrupt the show by walking across the room to her.  My guess was that his sense of urgency came from feeling the energy in the room shift as the show was ending.

He had an important message for her.  He relentlessly repeated a sound, which I came to understand was a name.  While I waited to deliver his message to her, I concentrated on the sound he said.  The sound I heard him say was “thum” combined with “berrr” or “errrr”.

He continued to repeat that sound.   It seemed to be a two-syllable name, thum-berrr.  I could not figure out what name he was saying.   I was to deliver the message that thum-berrr was with him.

The show ended.   I approached the woman and politely asked if she was hoping for a message that night.   She was.  I described the man to her. She confirmed that he was her late husband.  Then I delivered his message.  I said, “He told me that thum-berrr  is with him.”  She responded, “Thumper?”  Relief rushed through me, Thumper was very likely the name her husband was saying to me.

The woman’s cat, Thumper, crossed over less than a week ago.  Her husband was letting her know that her cat was with him on the other side.  This was a great comfort to her, and she left pleased knowing that they were together.

Although it all worked out in the end, I should have managed that session better.  My animal communication and mediumship training prepared me for this, but I was not actually “working” at the time that he approached me.  I was caught off guard.  Instead of running a session in my usual manner, I let his urgency lead that session.  It would have been better if I had asked him for more or different evidence around the name he was giving me instead of focusing on the actual name.  Then he may have showed me her cat.  The name was not easy to understand or share with the woman, but asking her about a cat may have been a more effective way to present her message.  That impromptu meeting with spirit went a long way in reinforcing my training, and the next unexpected visitor acted as a reminder for me to always follow my well-established protocols.

* Gallery style is a group event where a medium connects with and delivers message from the loved ones of folks in the audience.  Although I focus on animal communications this particular event was delivering messages from human loved ones, so no surprise that an animal slipped in a message too.

Give Your Pet the Gift of Safety

pets-linda-saraco-nov-26Holiday decorations and celebrations can be hazardous to your pets. To make sure holidays are safe and fun, please keep these tips in mind.

Guests – Advocate for your pet’s safety during the holidays for both day and overnight guests who may not be pet-familiar by informing them in advance and implementing pet safety rules, for example, about what not to feed them and behaviors that put them at risk. Pets can be overwhelmed by changes such as larger numbers of people at parties, kids, visiting animals, music and outbursts. Your guest’s medications may end up in pet accessible areas. It may be helpful to designate a secure pet room that is off-limits to guest traffic. In case of an escape, risks are reduced if pets are wearing ID tags.  It is a good idea to have a current picture and your animal control officer’s number on hand.

Tree – Rambunctious pets will naturally run around or climb them. To prevent a heavy tree from toppling onto your pet it is a good idea to attach your tree securely to the wall in multiple locations and test for stability. Vacuuming the tree area frequently will eliminate pine needles, which are dangerous to the digestive system. Securely cover the tree’s water container as many precut trees are treated with additives and preservatives that can leach into the water container. The ASPCA poison control hotline phone number is: (888) 426-4435.

Decorations – Sharp and breakable ornaments can cause injury to paws and mouths. Candles can burn and scented items can irritate sensitive respiratory and olfactory systems (especially birds). Tinsel, ribbon, yarn and wire ornament hooks can be fatal if ingested. Prompt removal of gift wrapping materials from pet accessible areas helps reduce risks. It is best to know the location of the closest 24-hour veterinary service.

Cords – These attractively chewable and tasty objects are a hazard to curious kittens and puppies. Make sure that electrical cords are in good condition and out of reach.

Pets as gifts – Surprise gift pets are often later unwanted and windup at shelters and/or euthanized. Planning and recipient preparation helps avoid this risk.

Reflection on your pet’s safety – With your pet clearly in your mind and the planned holiday activities, take a look at your home from his or her perspective. Travel through your home looking at each space through your pet’s eyes. What can you reach? What do you see? What do you smell? What do you hear? What may be dangerous?

May your holidays be the best ever with your friends, family and dear pets.

Magical boost to animal communication

Flower essences magical or merchandise?

The flower essence cosmos may help to stimulate or open your innate ability to communicate with animals.  It is known to open the opportunity for inter-species communication.  Cosmos flower essence is the diluted extract from the flowers of a cosmos plant.  The resulting essence is often preserved in a brandy base.

Cosmos may work perfectly for you in exactly the way you imagined, but the influence of any flower essence is not always straightforward.  Choosing to work with a flower essence is akin to working with magic.  The magical working starts long before the essence is bottled and arrives in a store ready for use.

Let us look at the commonly used process for making cosmos flower essence, and then you may decide for yourself whether it is magical or merchandise.   First, the plant develops from seed or seedling in nature under the sun, moon, and stars for months before the flowers reach peak potency.  Next, on a sunny day, the co-creation of the essence is performed by placing the most perfect cosmos flowers in pure water in a glass bowl where they remain imbuing the water with their energetic imprint for 4 or 5 hours.  Then, the cosmos flowers are removed and returned to nature.  Lastly, the infused water is blended with brandy and stored in a cool place, in a dark bottle further preserving the energetic imprint of the cosmos flower.  Do you think there is some magic involved?

Where to buy ready-made cosmos   The Flower Essence Society (FES) is one company offering cosmos flower essence, and their product is easy to find in many health food and metaphysical stores.  My favorite is Green Hope Farm (GHF) .  They offer cosmos, and they have a special line of essence made especially for animals.  GHF preserve their essences in vinegar instead of brandy.golden-pup-in-flowers-flower-essence

Soon I will post my unexpected experience with the flower essence luffa.

Landscaping projects can be dangerous to pets

Within hours after contact with the tree limbs, both dogs were rushed to a veterinary emergency room.

A freshly cut walnut tree caused our two dogs to become gravely ill.  Poison Control informed us that walnut trees secrete a substance called juglone, which is toxic.  The initial symptoms include vomiting, diarrhea, seizures and paralysis.

We had a walnut tree taken down in our backyard.  Our dogs did not chew the wood; they simply got too close.  Within a mere 4 hours after contact with the downed tree limbs, both dogs were rushed to a veterinary emergency room with identical symptoms.

They were nearly unconscious, trembling and paralysis had set in.   The ER team stabilized them with IV fluids, and they cleansed their systems in an attempt to eliminate the toxin.  It took about two day for our dogs to show promising signs of recovery.

We are grateful this unfortunate incident happened on a quiet evening, and we were able to notice the changes in our dogs’ behavior and take prompt actions. I’m sharing our experience intending to spare other pet parents and their animal companions from  injury from a seemingly harmless landscaping

3 Questions to Ask a Groomer

Looking for groomer?  Here are three questions you may want to ask.

  1. Are dogs hand or cage dried? If dogs are cage dried ask how they protect your dog from overheating in the kennel.  Are the cage drying systems timed to shut off automatically?
  2. Are they certified in Canine First Aid and CPR?
  3. How many dogs are groomed there each day and how many groomers are on staff?

Finding the right Groomer

Did you know anyone can rent a space and call themselves a groomer?  It’s important to do your homework in finding your dog’s groomer because, in most states, there are no certifications or licensing or apprenticeship requirements to work as a groomer or open a grooming shop.

After summer and around the holidays is a popular time for a visit to the groomer.  You will be leaving your precious pup in the hands of another — selection of your dog’s groomer should be done with at least as much care as choice of a barber or hair stylist.  You must be pleased with the results, and your dog must be treated with care in safe clean environment.

Traditionally, grooming is a skill that is passed on from senior groomers to apprentice groomers.  Most established groomers have learned, over time, from others, from Master Groomers, and through observation and continuing education.  An excellent way to find a professional groomer is through local and regional grooming organizations such as The National Dog Groomers Association, ISCC and IPG. They provide a list of members in your area.

Many veterinarians have incorporated grooming into their clinics, so you may start looking there.  Also, if your dog is accidentally nicked or injured, they will have the fastest access to medical care.  If your veterinarian is not associated with a groomer, he or she may have a list of recommended groomers.  Other sources of recommendations include friends who have dogs, breed rescues, boarding kennels, pet supply stores, shelters, and purebred breeders.

After getting some recommendations, stop by and check out the facility or call to make an appointment to talk with the head groomer or the groomer who specializes in your breed.  Keep in mind, you may not get the best impression by making a phone call to a grooming shop due to a groomer’s busy schedule.  The phone call may come at an inopportune time and the groomer may not have sufficient time to address all your questions.   He or she might be concentrating on groom a dog and not willing to leave them to answer the phone.

Grooming shops run by the clock. Many have morning drop-off times with late day pick-ups.  While others have a morning group that is picked up at noon and then an afternoon group that arrive at noon and leave late day.  That’s a lot of scheduling and cooperation for everyone to be on time.  In between drop offs dogs are accessed and groomed according to their coat requirements and special needs.  Since time is spent talking with clients about their dog at drop off and at pick up time, groomers are on a tight schedule.

The ideal groomer selection process would include making two pre-visits, one without your dog and one with.  Narrow your list of potential shops to two or three that are recommended and meet your requirements.  On the first visit do not bring your dog.  Just meet with the groomer and ask your questions.

Look for a shop that is:

  • well-lit
  • a groomer and assistants that handle dogs gently
  • old or arthritic dogs that are treated with special consideration
  • shampoos and other products that meet your needs

In your selection process don’t discard any first impressions, gut feelings or hunches you may have about the shop or personnel.

On your second visit bring your dog along, ask new questions as well as any previously asked.

Ensure by reexamination that any special needs your dog has will be accommodated at this facility.  The main purpose of this visit is to allow your dog to meet the groomer and to observe their interactions.  When you’re comfortable with your interview, choose the groomer and make the appointment.

Dog in the header image is my dog Indy.


I believe all animals we encounter help us and teach us. I post about animals, animal communication, grooming, and energetic modalities such as Integrated Energy Therapy® (IET®), InTune Groom and InTune ARC. I work with both animals and humans. If you only read one post here please make it the first one, At Face Value.  This is […]

I believe all animals we encounter help us and teach us. I post about animals, animal communication, grooming, and energetic modalities such as Integrated Energy Therapy® (IET®), InTune Groom and InTune ARC.

I work with both animals and humans.

If you only read one post here please make it the first one, At Face Value.  This is the story about the dog that saved my life.  Sharing his story is my way of thanking him.