Favorite animal communication yet

The needed life lesson is clear now, but little did she know that her german shepherd and her wolfhound were working together to guide her through this big life lesson.

This is my favorite reading yet.  It shows how animals continue to work with us from the other side, and it is funny.  You will quickly see the reason for their work emerge from the story, but what may surprise you is the teamwork between her two canine teachers.

When the german shepherd joined the session it was quite a surprise for both of us.  Her session was arranged to talk with her husband who had passed away after a long illness.  She felt her husband was her soulmate.  She had been alone for a long time, and she was having trouble letting go and moving on.

A few weeks prior, she arranged a session to talk with her wolfhound that passed away recently.  To her knowledge, her german shepherd did not know her wolfhound, because he had passed away before she adopted her wolfhound.   She was ready to move forward and adopt another dog, but first she wanted to run her decision by her wolfhound that passed away.

The needed life lesson is clear now, but little did she know that her german shepherd and her wolfhound were working together to guide her through this big life lesson.

Her german shepherd told us that he sent the wolfhound to her.  Working together her life lesson plan was prepared because they saw that she could not move on in her life.  She adopted the wolfhound as a way to fill the hole in her heart and her life, but after a while, it was discovered that he had the same illness that caused her husband to pass.  Eventually the illness was the cause of her wolfhounds’ passing, and she began the process of coming to terms with letting him go, grieving and later feeling ready to adopt another dog.  Although it was over a shorter period, she went through a very similar process with her dog as she did with her husband.

The lesson her dogs had planned for her was to help her to move on to her next soulmate by teaching her that she could let go, move on and love again.

The funny part      The german shepherd showed up in the middle of the reading with her husband.  He sat in front of me with his over-sized ears, and he said, “doofus.”

I went silent.  I did not know how to react.  I thought, “Why is he calling me a doofus, and who is he?”  He kept saying it.  I told my client.  She laughed, and said that was a nickname she called her german shepherd.  She said he was brilliant, but he could also be very goofy.

Once he had our attention he went on to explain her life situation from his higher sentient perspective.  He spoke to her from what I call the “soul contract” level.  He talked to her about why he was in her life, and how he was helping her to learn her important life lesson.   These two dogs guided her on her life lesson, which was the most challenging one for her to learn.

Her dogs succeeded in teaching her.  She has moved on in key areas of her life including adopting another wolfhound and dating.  You’re invited to read about her new wolfhound in an upcoming post, which is about socks.

Massage is not always beneficial

Massage is beneficial for many animals, but it is not recommended for all animals.

Caution      Massage is very different from petting your animal friend.  It is a highly intentional way of touching, and the objective is to achieve well-being and health benefits.   Massage is beneficial for many animals, however, massage is not always the right approach for every animal.  It can be harmful to animals with certain health conditions.  Always check with your veterinarian before beginning a massage program.

Benefits      Massage can be a wonderful heath-enhancer for animals  of all ages. For the older, it is excellent for soothing achy or stiff muscles while stimulating internal body functions. It helps with ease of movement, instills a sense of peacefulness, and helps towards restful sleep. What a special way to show our seniors that we care and appreciate their many years of friendship.

And, what about the most endearing creatures on earth – the baby animal companions? Touch is an essential element in a young animal’s life, and massage on a regular basis builds a strong bond between you and your animal friend. During growth time, young animals can experience joint and muscle stress as their bones are developing, and massage helps to ease the discomfort of growing pains.

Massage is a nurturing, preventative, natural approach, which may be safely added to some animal’s care regimen.

Massage benefits

  • Reduce anxiety and build trust
  • Improve blood and lymph circulation
  • Reduce tight muscles, spasms, and improve muscle tone
  • Speed healing time
  • Improve skin and coat
  • Increase flexibility, gait and movement
  • Refresh after traveling or crating
  • Aid the respiratory function
  • Improve energy
  • Lessen discomfort hip dysplasia and arthritis

Find a massage professional or learn massage      Ask your veterinarian or check the International Association of Animal Massage and Bodywork’s (IAAMB) site iaamb.org.  If you live near New England, the Bancroft School of Massage in Worcester trains students in small animal and equine massage, and they may be able to direct you to someone in your area.

Linda is a 2004 graduate of the Bancroft School of Small Animal Massage.