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IET Basic Class Dates and locations (maximum number of students per class is 6)

April 21, 2018, 10:00 -5:00  Home Basic IET (Private class by host invitation only)

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Note:  Bring your lunch.

Class description:  The Basic level IET® class works at the 1st (physical) and 2nd (emotional) pair of the 12 Strand DNA and provides students with the ability to clear physical and emotional energy blockages from the cellular memory and leave in their place positive physical and emotional energy imprints.

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About IET®

Integrated Energy Therapy® is an attunement based energy therapy system. Each level of our IET® training system contains an energy attunement that works directly with the 12 Strand DNA to expand, realign, and restructure one or more pairs. Each IET® attunement builds progressively with the others to ultimately bring all six pairs of DNA into their full power. IET®attunements can only be done by a certified IET® Master-Instructor listed in our International Directory of Master-Instructors and must be done in person (they cannot be done remotely).

In Integrated Energy Therapy® we believe that our life is not completely healed until we are living our dreams in life. Therefore, we have developed a progressive focus for our classes that start with clearing the pain and helping us “survive life”, and progresses to finding and living our soul’s mission so that we can “thrive in life”.

Class Cancellation Policy

24 hours after registration

           Option 1:  refund minus $10.00

            Option 2:  deposit is transferred to another class I offer

72 hours before the start of class

            Option:  deposit is transferred to another class I offer

24 hours before class date/time or “no show”

            Policy:  No refund