Animals, Reiki & Communications


Whether your animal friend has fins, wings, paws or hooves – if he or she is troubled by their past – the InTune ARC program may be for you.


Intune ARC (IARC) Program Overview

IARC is a method developed by Linda Saraco that utilizes energy techniques to reach back and offer support to an animal’s known and unknown experiences including pre-birth imprinting. IARC is found to be informational for many animals.  Observation reported by pet parent’s range from profound and immediate changes and healing to subtle changes. Animal friends appear peaceful and happier. My favorite report is of a dog that began smiling after her third session.

As with all if my services, IARC is not a replacement for veterinarian care.


The IARC Program focuses on working with an animal’s past in three ways.

  1. Reiki
  2. Animal Communication
  3. Planting of new root messages

Combining these three techniques allows me to reach back to a particular time or experience in your animal’s life to talk to him or her about this time, to offer Reiki with the intent of soothing the influence of that particular time or experience, and to provide healthy root messages*.

What people are saying about IARC

I had the good pleasure of working with Linda recently with her Distance Reiki Program for one of my felines, Little.  During the 6 week program, Little received weekly Reiki sessions and dialogued with Linda about her life as well as areas she would like to improve upon, namely, social engagement with the other cats in the household.  I was blown away by the depth of the program, the insight and wisdom that Linda shared and the powerful healing effects of the Reiki on Little’s behavior and demeanor.  Little’s progress included a display of less stress and anxiety, better relationships with the other members of the family and a stronger sense of confidence.  The communications that came through each week were heart warming and beyond anything, I would have expected.  Linda’s character and level of professionalism were very apparent in working with her.  She is astute, wise, loving and easy to work with.  I highly recommend this program for anyone wanting to develop a deeper bond with the animals in their life and to assist the animals with healing whether it be on a physical, mental or emotional level.

Thank you, Linda!  Little and I are huge fans of your work and Little already misses the sacred time she spent with you each week.

Rebecca Kirson, Your Sacred Truth,


Linda’s program was powerful, uplifting and unlike anything I have experienced before. Working with Linda was life changing for me and most importantly for Audrey, my horse, and Ruthie, my golden retriever. The emotions felt from Audrey and Ruthie were profound. As we progressed through the program, each week I saw Audrey and Ruthie show positive, beautiful changes, reflecting the depth of Linda’s work. Her loving spirit brought both of my dear girls, and me, to a new level of peace. The love I have for Audrey and Ruthie has grown beyond measure as I now see their previous struggles clearly. Their ability to move out of and away from their past with Linda’s caring guidance was beyond my expectations. I will be forever grateful to, and blessed by, Linda and her loving and caring work!

Alison Martin, Animal Heart Connections,

How the program works

Your program begins with an initial phone call to discuss your animal and set up his or her customized 6-week program.  At the completion, we meet to review your animal friend’s program.

Each week of your program I connect with your animal and proceed through the steps of the IARC program, which we collaboratively designed.  Each week you will receive my session notes.

Session notes maintain you updated each step of the way.  The notes will contain the focus for that particular session, a description of activities and communications with your animal, and the new root message(s) offered.

Sample schedules and session notes

Two samples are provided in this section.  The first is a sample of a dog’s schedule.  The second is a sample schedule developed for a horse along with my session notes and the implanted root messages for that week.

Sample 1  This schedule was developed for a dog.  This dog’s early life was difficult.   Based on what his person knew about his history it was assumed that no development stage was ideal for him.  His mom was abandoned.  She had her pups outside under a structure that was up on cinder blocks.  During this pup’s first month of life, he was neutered.  Soon after he was separated from his littermates.  He was moved to two shelters and two foster care homes before he joined his forever family.  His early life and key developmental stages were the focus of his program.

Why try the IARC program?  His family is participating in the program because they would like to find out if it is a way to help their dog feel a bit more relaxed and feel safer.

Sample program 1 Dog stages


Sample 2  This schedule was developed for a horse named Audrey.  She had a very challenging early life.  She was neglected in her first home, her second home found they could not care for her and they turned her over to a shelter.  From the shelter, she moved to her forever home where she is receiving much love and top care.

Audrey’s schedule, session notes, and new implanted messages

Sample program 2 Horse (Audrey)

Notes from Audrey’s second sessions

Audrey talked a lot throughout her session today.  The focus of her session was the time frame when she did not receive care and feeding.  It seemed to start very early on in her life.  In the images, I saw she was very young.  She always showed me images of her on her own – alone.  There were no other horses or people around her.   I got the sense that this may not have been the actual situation, but symbolic of how she felt.

She said that her front legs hurt.  She kept pulling/curling up the left one, the right one seemed to ache, and she scratched at the dirt with her right hoof because of discomfort (a prickliness).  The pain seemed to come mostly from her bones.  It felt to me like she was experiencing a condition that felt like what is sometimes called “growing pains.”

She said that she likes the structure she has in her life now.  At that time in the past she did not have anything she could depend on, and often she stood outside all night and all day.  She said one day would blur to the next.   I saw and felt her condition as having no concept of freedom, play or joy in her life.  She spoke of a feeling of “uncertainty” that she still carries.

She told me that you hug her around her neck, and she loves that so much that she could cry.  Again, she spoke of having that feeling of uncertainty even at those times.  On a deep level, she doesn’t understand love – or that she is lovable just as she is.  She said the uncertainty becomes a fluttering feeling in the center of her chest.

I get the feeling that she is afraid to love and be loved because it may go away and that feeling numb is more normal for her.  Numb is how she got through the time when she was neglected.  The neglect started at such a young age for her that being loved and cared for is a foreign concept, and she has trouble accepting it as real.

Towards the end her session, she said that she felt big.  She is eager for you to hear her messages and to see you.  She’s looking at you differently now, and the relationship and bond are getting stronger.

New implanted root message for this session

  • You are loved
  • You are perfect and lovable just the way you are
  • You belong
  • You are safe
  • You are nourished – physically, emotionally and spiritually