InTune Groom

Final intune_groom_blueWhat is InTune Groom?

InTune Groom (ITG) is a unique combination of steps and techniques, which work in harmony to invite well-being and a stronger bond between you and your dog.  The steps and techniques all share these aspects.

  • sourced in age-old practices
  • influence the energetic systems in and around a dog’s body
  • vibrational remedies
  • influence health maintenance and well-being

ITG has practical, mystical, loving and eclectic elements.  On the practical side, ITG includes traditional coat grooming.  On the mystical side, ITG is energy and hands-on energetic bodywork.   Loving is my favorite component.  ITG is a way to form a deep caring partnership with your dog.  Practicing ITG inspires a bond, and a partnership is formed on a deep level where the mind, body, and soul of both you and your dog work as one.   ITG is a simple process and easy to learn at your own pace.

What will I learn?

  1. Traditional grooming tools and holistic products and bodywork
  2. Energetic enhancers and applying healing energy
  3. InTune Groom hand placements
  4. Color therapy
  5. Chakras
  6. Meridians

How do I purchase the book?

ITG Book Cover

You may purchase the book through PayPal, on Amazon, or receive an invoice, which allows you to use your credit card.  Your book is available in three formats – PDF, eBook, or on a memory stick.  Your PDF version of the book will be sent to your email account.  The memory stick version will be mailed to your address.

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InTune Groom was developed by Linda Saraco.  She has appeared on the TV show Chronicle for her work with dogs, and she has been interviewed by Dog Grooming magazine.  She holds certificates in animal massage, flower essence consultation, dog grooming, and animal communication.  Linda is a certified herbalist and a Reiki Master Teacher.

These photos of Danny and Dom show a change in their energy fields after receiving an InTune Groom.