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 Animal Communication

If you would like to ask you pet a question or develop a closer bond through communication, I can help you.  Reserve your appointment to speak with your animal friend that is here now or one that has crossed over.  LEARN  Description of an animal communications session.  Read about a session.

Animal Communication 55-minute session $97.00 Buy Now Button

Animal Communications 30-minute sessions $65.00 Buy Now Button

       ASAP As soon as possible session are $150.00. Buy Now Button

ASAP! – To schedule an as soon as possible appointment  I offer an ASAP session. If at all possible this option will allow us to speak on the day of your request.   I understand there are times when you would like to talk to your animal friend as soon as possible, and you simply cannot wait to for a regularly scheduled opening.   If you would like an ASAP session, please contact me by email  Use the subject line “ASAP Session,” and be sure to provide your name and the best way and method to communicate with you.   I will do my best to schedule your reading on the first day you contact me.

Setting up your appointment    Once notification from PayPal is received I will contact you to set a date for your appointment.  A confirmation will follow.

InTune ARC (IARC) Program

Whether your animal friend has fins, wings, paws or hooves – if he or she is troubled by their past – the IARC program may be for you.  LEARN more about the IARC program and read participant’s experiences.  Join the IARC Program (6 weeks) $397.00 Buy Now Button

 Distance Reiki Session

As a Reiki Master Teacher, I will send Reiki energy to an animal.   Reiki is never a substitute for veterinarian care, and ask for your veterinarian’s approval.  The distance method is also commonly used with wild animals.

Reiki session (for an animal) $25.00 Buy Now Button

Reiki savings package (3 sessions) $60.00 Buy Now Button

Reiki session (for a person) $85.00 Buy Now Button

       Reiki session (person and animal friend) $100.00 Buy Now Button

 Reiki Well-being List

Every week on Sunday I send Reiki to the group of animals on my list.  The Well-being list is a good way to send Reiki to endangered and other wild animals too. Reiki is never a substitute for veterinarian care.  Always seek medical treatment for a sick animal.

Well-being list one week $5.00  Buy Now Button

Well-being for one month $15.00 Buy Now Button

Gift Certificate

Gift card for an Animal Communications session (55 minutes) $97.00 Buy Now Button

Gift card for an Animal Communication session (30 minutes) $65.00 Buy Now Button

Gift Book for animal lovers younger and older

The Secret of Greater Mountain  The Secret of the Greater Mountain Book $12.99 Buy Now Button

Purchase as an E-book on Amazon 

For gift book description, details and testimonials, please see the BOOKS page.

Do you prefer an order form?  This file contains an order form and ordering instructions.  Order Form.

Important Policy Information

Payment methods  You may send a check, send payment via PayPal, request an invoice and pay with any credit card, apply a gift certificate.

Check method of payment When sending a personal check to pay for your appointment your check must arrive 10 business days in advance of your appointment.  The mailing address is 55 Middlesex Street, Suite 205, Chelmsford, MA 01863.

Gift certificate method of payment To apply a gift certificate as payment for your appointment please contact me

Missed or late for your appointment  Clients who miss appointments and/or are greater than 15 minutes late will forfeit their appointments and are charged the full fee for the service.

Canceling and rescheduling This is a two-step process.

  1. Clients canceling an appointment must provide notice 72 hours prior to his or her appointment.
  2. The client must receive a cancellation response from my office.  You must have a receipt of your cancellation to receive a refund.  If you do not receive a response from us please contact us or (978) 799-7408.  You will be refunded the session fee minus $10 as long as you adhere to the 72-hour cancellation policy. If you cancel outside of our guidelines, you will forfeit the entire session fee.

To change an existing appointment We have a strict 48-hour change policy. Provided you adhere to the 48-hour change policy, your session can be re-booked.  Otherwise, a $10 surcharge applies, which is payable to reserve your new booking.