Gift Book Reviews

What readers are saying about The Secret of the Greater Mountain

“I bought this book for a friend who had lost his dog of 15 years.  He wished he knew about this story years ago, because it would have changed the way he viewed his relationships with his dog.”  E. Barnes, MA

“This was so much better than just words or a sympathy card.  It becomes a true keepsake.”  T. Walsh, FL

“The Secret of the Greater Mountain”  is like a precious heartfelt prayer.  The scene is set for rescue dogs; their destinations on arrival and for the gifts they bring to our lives.  It is open ended enough both young and old may personalize the story.  The colorful and well done illustrations add to the sweetness of the glimpse into the other side.”

Mary Jo Nieson, Delicate Paws, LLC, Livonia, MI

“Hi Linda  thank you so very much  for the books and updating Jake and Bella into your site  my grandchildren are so very sad as well as me –  your kind heart makes the difference.  Many blessings Tricia”

Linda, your book arrived at my daughters office today, she brought it home with her on her lunch break. What a lovely story! My 3 and 1/2 year old grand son loved it! I will give it to the 6 year old to read on the way home from school.
I will be purchasing at least one other copy.
Thank you again, Gretchen H., NC

“I imagine this is exactly where our beloved pets come from.”  Dawn, CA

Very cool!  You’ve created your own myth!  G. Kav. , MA

This book is a treasure! A. Otto, MA

Awesome artwork!

“We’re  wondering if this is a story or the truth.  After all you are an animal communicator.  Do you know something we don’t?  We lost our family dog of 14 years, and over the last week we all read the book several times.”  Bill S., MA

“The envelop and activity pages make a nice memory keepsake.  Thanks you.”  Anne, MA

“I donated my copy to a book sale after reading.  Hope it  will magically find its way to help another family.”  Graftons, VT