Read a client’s experience with animal communication

I’ve enlisted Linda’s animal communication on more than one occasion. Two examples come to mind and in both cases, Linda zeroed in on key factors for successful results.

The humorous experience was about my playful parakeet, Frosty, who was behaving frantically in his cage.  I knew he was trying to tell me something, but what could it be???  I contacted Linda and within a couple of minutes, she said he was concerned about one of his toys. That’s when my light bulb went off! Frosty’s favorite mirror had fallen through the space bars of his cage, and he could not “talk” to his buddy in the mirror.  I quickly fixed his mirror, and calm was restored.

My serious experience was when my cat, Chloe, escaped out of the house.  Chloe was originally feral, yet she became an indoor cat easily when I adopted her 13 yrs ago. However, she just couldn’t resist an opening of an outside door during renovations.

I called out to her and searched my heavily wooded yard to no avail.  I was getting frantic with not much daylight left.  I turned to Linda once again. Linda tapped into her skills and

saw Chloe by a shed in the woods by some water.  Linda’s accurate description was my backyard and that told me Chloe was close by.  Sure enough, just a few minutes later, a frightened Chloe crawled out from under the garden shed, and I got her back into the house safe and sound.

Linda’s skills brought me relief during stressful situations and valuable help so I could reinforce my pets’ happiness and safety.

Lynne Flanagan of Charlton, MA owner of Paws that Matter.