Animal Communication Testimonials

Linda is kind and compassionate in her interactions with the animals and owners.   You can tell she loves what she does & it is incredible that she is able to offer her services to the animals & their people!  She is gifted and presents accurate information without judging it.  It made me laugh, during one of the sessions my conure told Linda that my toilet sounded different.  I have been telling my husband that for awhile – my conure must have picked up on it!   Jen O., NH


Thank you so so much for today!  My already intensely deep relationship with Budha, is enhanced even further.  I’m most sensitive/understanding what my aged best friend is needing.  And you are amazing and so gifted at this!  What a wonderful calling!
Priscilla Gale, Sacred Song Reiki


I can’t stop thinking of your laugh. 😃 How awesome that Rudy once again made everyone laugh.  I was really sad but now feel a connection to his joy.  The things you talked about were all so true and meaningful.  I’d give anything to hold Rudy just one more time and with your help, we got to share a beautiful experience.  I have no doubt animals talk with us and I’m so grateful for you ❤️ Gail, NH


Thank you so much for connecting with Daisy & giving honest feedback. You were spot on with your descriptions of her personality & her relationship dynamics with us.  Cecile G., MA


Linda has a wonderful gift. She’s helped me enrich my dog’s life and deepen my relationship with him.  Sue K., MA


My dog hasn’t seemed herself lately, and when Linda came to see her, she told Linda she was heartbroken because people keep leaving her. When Linda told me this it all made sense. Over the last year, my husband and I divorced and he was with her every day, my son and his family were also temporarily living with me and they too left. My grandson loved my dog and gave her so much attention during the day when I was at work now she is alone when I’m at work.   

Thanks to Linda’s gift, and telling me how my dog was feeling  I’ve been making a point to give her extra attention and she seems so much happier now.  Shirley C.,  Fitchburg, MA


My dog was with me through some of my darkest times. He was a steadfast, comforting, loyal companion who deserved nothing but the best. Linda’s communication with him assured me that he was happy, with the other dogs, still loved me and would be there waiting as always.

It is an amazing gift she has and I cannot express how thankful I am having her path cross with mine.  Kim G.,  Auburn, MA


I’ve enlisted Linda’s animal communication on more than one occasion. Two examples come to mind and in both cases, Linda zeroed in on key factors for successful results.

The humorous experience was about my playful parakeet, Frosty, who was behaving frantically in his cage.  I knew he was trying to tell me something, but what could it be???  I contacted Linda and within a couple of minutes, she said he was concerned about one of his toys. That’s when my light bulb went off! Frosty’s favorite mirror had fallen through the space bars of his cage, and he could not “talk” to his buddy in the mirror.  I quickly fixed his mirror, and calm was restored.

My serious experience was when my cat, Chloe, escaped out of the house.  Chloe was originally feral, yet she became an indoor cat easily when I adopted her 13 yrs ago. However, she just couldn’t resist an opening of an outside door during renovations.

I called out to her and searched my heavily wooded yard to no avail.  I was getting frantic with not much daylight left.  I turned to Linda once again. Linda tapped into her skills and saw Chloe by a shed in the woods by some water.  Linda’s accurate description was my backyard and that told me Chloe was close by.  Sure enough, just a few minutes later, a frightened Chloe crawled out from under the garden shed, and I got her back into the house safe and sound.

Linda’s skills brought me relief during stressful situations and valuable help so I could reinforce my pets’ happiness and safety.

Lynne Flanagan of Charlton, MA owner of Paws that Matter


I reached out to Linda for help with a tough situation. She was able to communicate with my dog and help him adopt a new behavior. Her ability to connect with animals is absolutely amazing. S.K., Hopkinton

Linda spoke to each of my 2 greyhounds (separate appointments). I was very impressed by some of what she learned…and blown away by a few parts as well. What a great time it was!  Sue A.